Ivo Photo

Ivaylo Georgiev

Bulgarian folk dances instructor

Born July 13th 1986 in Sofia.
1991-1995 - dances at “Rosna kitka” dance group
1994-2000 - dances at “Svetlina” ensemble, headed by Zahari Andreev
2002-2004 - performer at “Kiril Haralampiev" ensemble for folk dances (former “Vladimir Mayakovski")
1996 - presented with the award for high achievements in the field of dance art at the second Schools of the Arts festival - Sofia

   High school
- 2000-2005- National School of Dance Art (NUTI), major in Bulgarian folk dances
- 2005-2009 - “Krastyo Sarafov" NATFA, major in “Theatre of movement" - bachelor’s degree, with artistic director ass.proff. Yassen Valchanov
- 2010-2014 - SWU “Neofit Rilski" - Blagoevgrad, major in “Bulgarian folk choreography" - bachelor’s degree, with proff. Nikolay Tzvetkov

- since 2005 - soloist dancer at “Filip Kutev” NFE
- since 2008 - leader and head instructor of “V Shopluka” School of folk dances
- since 2010 - choreographer and performer with “V Shopluka” Professional folk formation
- since 2013 - head and choreographer of the dance group at "Suznanie - 1907” community centre, Slivnitza
- choreography teacher at 160th “Kiril and Metodi” primary school
- Bulgarian folk dances teacher at comunity centres and preschools
- on the academic stage of “Krastyo Sarafov" NATFA appeared in the dance-theatre plays “The net", choreographed by Rumyana Markova, and "Pawnshop" by ass.proff. Alexander Iliev