“Koga” Group for Bulgarian folk dances

Today we’re going to tell you the story of a long standing partnership, which has left a deep impression in us. Namely our friends Eiko Yabuki and Naoto Irisa - leaders of the “Koga” School in Tokyo, Japan.

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Bulgarian folk musical instruments

The soundtrack of Bulgarian folklore consists of the sounds produced by five main instruments: the gaida, the kaval , the gadulka, the tambura and the tupan.

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Interview with Merlina Georgieva

"I feel wonderful about the fact that I can teach children to dance and watch them grow before my eyes."

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Interview with Iliana Petrova

"Back when I was very young, a person turned to me and asked if I could help them out, and that’s when I knew that teaching and giving were parts of who I am as a person."

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Interview with Ivaylo Georgiev

"I’ve grown up in village squares and fairs, and I remember vividly amazing master dancers who, even if they might not have been the biggest professionals, would always carry a great energy."

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