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Welcome to the page of “V Shopluka” Professional folk dance formation.

Some of you probably don't believe in miracles. As for us, we believe that every single thing is a miracle! Allow us to create that miracle by being a part of your celebration - whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a company party or another occasion. Book us and enjoy our show, created and performed by the professional artists of “V Shopluka” formation!

Folk dances are part of our roots and traditions. Since ancient times, the so called horo and rachenitza dances have been part of all of Bulgarians’ holiday feasts and celebrations. At village squares and fairs, weddings and baptisms, whether holding hands together in a circle or in a curved line, or trying to outdance one another, people would show off their skill and share the happy moments in their life with friends and strangers alike.

“V Shopluka” Professional folk dance formation was founded in 2010 by Ivaylo Georgiev - dancer-soloist at “Filip Kutev” National Folklore Ensemble:
“I decided to set up this formation so that me and my friends have even more opportunities to create and develop our wonderful folk art, both dance and music wise. I’ve been fortunate enough that the majority of the dancers and musicians, whom we’re working with in the formation, are professionals - part of the Ensemble, the National School of Dance Art (NUTI) or the orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR)”.

Everything in the universe has its rhythm, everything dances. Watch us dance, so you can hear the voice of our hearts!

Folklore dance shows
Various dance shows for weddings, company parties and other occasions
Best man’s rachenitza
An orchestra leading out the bride
Bagpipers and singers
Animators and clowns for your party

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